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The trumpetist.

The trumpetist.

November 28, 2009

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The trumpetist. Street music in the US, maybe not the finest of all, but definitely one of my favorites.

*** re-edit ***
I re-uploaded a new version taking into account your feedbacks, thanks!

Alright folks, some of you may have noticed slight changes here and there, nothing too serious though. I’m currently working (more thinking than working to be honest) on a new design for this blog that looks soooooo 2008. My laziness and the fact that web programming bores me to death do not really help me. Well, anyway, if you think of anything you’d like to see (or do not want to see anymore), let me know so I can take your feedback into account 🙂

I’m also trying a new feature: you can now buy the pictures featured on this blog and cover your walls! We’ll see how this works out 🙂

  • Model Name: Canon EOS 7D
  • Date: 2009:11:28 17:10:51
  • Exposure Program: Manual
  • Exposure Time: 1/400
  • F Number: 4
  • ISO: 1000
  • Focal Length: 173
  • Exposure Mode: 1
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  1. Le traitement très soft sur la veste et la trompette marchent bien. Par contre, je devine à peine sa tête !
    Sympa la fonction de buy print/card/e-card ! Je veux aussi ! 🙂

  2. Une version adaptée au ecrans de grandes tailles, avec un choix similaire au choix de la langue, et peut être un design plus clair, voir coloré…

    Un peu sombre la photo… et puis, il manque la couleur de la trompette !

  3. After my last experiences taking concert shoots I start loving this mix of silhouettes and journalism photography. This is impressive, moodly and fine to see, not just only for a moment. Really fine, have a nice WE!

  4. I read an explanation of FOTOMOTO, by only three credit cards, people can pay… I'm very sorry to can not buy. If you have any advice for this, please give me… I will try it!
    The trumpetist is really cool!!:)
    Absolutely, I will support this photoblog. If it will not bother you,
    please continue this blog.
    I love this blog and you very much!!;)

  5. Bah même avec la nouvelle version, j'trouve ca trop noir. Et puis mince, j'vais avoir l'air de quoi quand je vais la poster celle la ? pfff

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