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This photoblog is powered by wordpress, formerly by pixelpost.

Pixelpost to WordPress

NOW EASIER, importer is now available on WordPress repository.

PixelPost, although a cool project, is now dying (if not dead already). I looked for an other platform, more modern and still alive, and I ended up on WordPress. At first, I was interested in the plugin YAPB, but it appeared that this plugin was from a time when WordPress lacked lots of features, but not anymore; so I developed migration importers to migrate a pixelpost blog to wordpress:

  • the post importer: set up your pixelpost database info, and let it work for a while. it’ll import categories, posts and comments. It’ll left a new table in the database, used by the provided index.php to keep the old link alive, by redirecting them to the new uri.
  • the ratings importer: provided you used the ajax rating plugin in pixelpost, and want to keep those in wordpress using wp-postratings, this plugin does this kind of magic: for each pixelpost post, the plugin updates the wordpress post with the same marks.


  • Upload pixelpost-importer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Or even better, use the Admin plugins interface and look for “pixelpost importer” and install the plugin like any other plugin.

Import Categories, Posts and Comments

First, download the the post importer. Unzip the files in wp-content/plugins, then go to wordpress/installed plugins page, and activate the plugin. Then go to the Tools>Import page, and select Pixelpost. You should arrive to the importer setting page:


Once categories have been imported, the post are then imported. This may take a loooooong time. A percentage indicates where you’re at in the migration process. Once done, you can use the provided index.php file to keep the old links from pixelpost to wordpress. Note that the plugin needs to remain installed to work, and the table "$prefix + odyssey_pp2wp" should not be dropped. Provided the PixelPost and the WordPress are installed on the same host, you can set up an “index.php” where PixelPost was installed:

    $link = get_permalink( $wp_post_id );
} else if( isset( $_GET['x'] ) ) {
    switch($_GET['x']) {
        case 'rss':
            $link = get_bloginfo('rss2_url');
        case 'browse': // todo one dayœ

header( "Status: 301 Moved Permanently", false, 301 );
header( "Location: " . $link );

Import Rates

If you used a rating plugin like ajax photo ratings plugin in pixelpost, and would like to use an equivalent plugin such as wp-postratings in wordpress, I have what you need too! Once you installed the post ratings plugin, go to the Tools>Import page, and select Pixelpost ajax ratings. The same settings as the pixelpost importer should be set, and click on import. It should again take a long time.

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  1. I updated my old blog post about this to link to your solution. Thanks for providing an updated solution for this, I haven’t messed with this stuff in at least 3 years.


  2. Hi,
    Using your plugin (Pixelpost 1.7.3 and WordPress 4.7.2 but nothing happen when click on “import categories”.
    Can you please help me?
    PS: I’m using wordpress on a localhost (MAMP)…

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