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Searching for Fortune.

Searching for Fortune.

April 13, 2015

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Searching for Fortune. London. As you guessed/knew, we went to London last week. ClĂ©mence wouldn’t allow me to leave without seeing the Battersea powerstation, so we walked along the river until we reached it. For some reasons, it’s going under some serious renovation works, and one of the chimneys is currently down. Walking by showed the building is also hollow. Still, it was something to see it for real. On the Thames shores, a guy was scanning the soil for whatever lies beneath the dirt.

  • Model Name: X-T1
  • Date: 2015:04:13 15:28:39
  • Exposure Program: Aperture priority
  • Exposure Time: 1/220
  • F Number: 13
  • ISO: 400
  • Focal Length: 20
  • Exposure Mode: 0
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