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At Clémence's.

At Clémence's.

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At Clémence’s. She was away for the week end, and she asked me to pay a visit to her cat. “Ok”, I said, with the idea that I could go to the Parc Monceau afterward so that I could try my dad’s old Lubitel 2. That morning, slowly waking up after a rough night of partying with friends, I suggested to a hangover-ed Benjamin to join me to face the hungry kitten. I tried to take a picture of the cat with the camera. Damn, that was hard! And even though the cat is blurred and the light terrible, I like the strange feeling of this pic.

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  1. Tout à fait d'accord avec toi, elle ne fait pas photo floue, pas mal d'éléments visuels viennent dire le contraire. J'aime beaucoup cette mise en boîte du quotidien pris sur le vif.

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